Tourist destinations
Ravello, placed in the core of the Amalfi Coast, is a perfect starting point to take excursions in the best places of the coast.

Distances from Ravello

  • Amalfi: 6 km
  • Positano: 20 km
  • Sorrento: 37 km
  • Maiori: 9 km
  • Salerno: 27 km
  • Paestum: 65 km
  • Napoli: 55 km
  • Pompei: 29 km

In Amalfi you can get lost immersed in a unique atmosphere between ambient wonders, sea, monuments, the famous terraces with secular lemon-houses, the bougainvillea lodges.
Wonderful the Cathedral.




positanoPrised by poets and writers and immortalized by painters from all the world, by now Positano is one of the most interesting resorts of Amalfi Coast.
In the fifties here was born the famous “Positano Fashion” which made the town famous all over the world.
Enchanting is the centre: in the small Flavio Gioia square, between the delicious white and pink houses, with the typical cubic shape, rises up the SS Maria Assunta parish church, dominated by a great majolica dome.

Sorrento is a modern city with more than an hundred of pleasant hotel businesses, it is seat of a rich and prestigious Museum which preserves important evidences of the history of the city.
It is the land of lemons and oranges, of ceramics, of the mild climate, visited every year by millions of international tourists.


In the Middle Ages Maiori was a little strengthened village, dominated by a severe castle, now a mere wreck of its former self; by now it is one of the most frequented tourist centres of the Amalfi Coast, maybe a little marked by a too much intense building growth, but still able to enchant for its shores’ beauty.
Above the houses there is the wonderful mojolica dome of the S. Maria a Mare church (12th century, for many times remaked).

Salerno faces on the sea of the homonymous gulf. Its roots are really ancient. Conquest land of the Greeks, it was an ancient Roman colony.
In the Middle Age it was kept from the Goths and included from Longobards in Benevento’s dukedom.
It belonged to the Guaiferio dynasty and then to Roberto il Guiscardo always holding an important roll, also thanks to the building of the Medicine School.

paestumPaestum is the discovery, one of the most important Italian archaeologic fields, dominated by many publics and privates religious buildings, still miraculously integral, while here and there, on the coast, ancient towers witness more recent past which tastes of Middle Age and of barbaric raids.
The coast road defiles near to bathing establishments and marine colonies to the edge of the reclaimed plain of the Sele as a steel cable stretched between the first verdant roughnesses of Cilento.

naplesNaples is a sunny city even in winter since it shows brightness and exuberance in every occasion.
Having a walk within the streets of the the historic centre in a Christmas day is like having a whole vacation, you have the chance to see and touch with hand the Holy Crib tradition, it almost seems the time is stopped.
Naples is the city of the coulours, of the music and of the happyness.

pompeiThe thing of Pompei that bewitches and makes it, from an historic and artistic point of view, a place unique in the world, is the chance to reconstruct, step by step, along the lavic basalt paved streets, the daily life of the inhabitants of a Roman city that a catastrophic event like the Vesuvio’s eruption made immortal.


In Amalfi or Maiori it is possible to reserve excursions along the coast and guided visits. Equally interesting are the walks along the paths of the Lattari mountains, along which slopes are placed Amalfi Coast’s towns.