Between the roughness of its steep position and the sweetness of a landscape full of colours, Ravello, by now universally know as the city of the music, is an enchanting town of the Lattari Mountains, with a glowing nature, settled in a suggestive position on a rocky spur which dominates from an height of 350 metres the blue sea of the Amalfi Coast.
It is one of the coast’s most precious gems.
Ravello is also a perfect point to take excursions in the best places of the Amalfi Coast.

Ravello’s beauties…
The richness of its architectonic treasures, its millenary history, a natural scenery with not many equals in the world and, finally, a pleasant climate, made of Ravello the destination of an elegant tourism searching for education, silence and relax.
Ravello, facing the Amalfi Coast, but far away from the strenuous life of the coast, between the roughness of its little mountain streets and the sweetness of its works of art, between the melancholy ruins of its buildings and the joyous beauty of its gardens, offers all of this.

The monuments…
Among its art treasures especially prominent are the Cathedral, built in the 12th century, Villa Rufolo, with its indescribable florid terraces, whose origins go back to the 11th century, Villa Cimbrone, famous for its exciting Belvedere from which you can enjoy the best landscape of the world.
Moresca Fountain square and the suggestive interlacement of little streets complete the sight.

Ravello Festival
Interesting is Ravello’s music Festival, which puts in programme many tens of spectacles which follow in the whole year.
Wagner’s concerts are the most important ones, and are placed in the really panoramics Villa Rufolo’s gardens, exactly where the master acclimatized the second act of his Parsifal.